Cholesterol High Foods

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Cholesterol High Foods
Cholesterol High Foods

Cholesterol is important for normal function in our body. However, when the level of cholesterol on your blood exceeded, that will lead you to heart disease. Heart disease is one of most deadly diseases in the world. The main cause of high cholesterol in our body is eating cholesterol high foods, example of these foods are egg, pork, beef, chicken, crab, fish and cakes etc. On the other hand, foods that are high in cholesterol can be a good source of other essential nutrients for example fatty acids, macro- and micro-nutrients, carbohydrates and protein. To maintain the normal cholesterol level in our body you just have to reduce the high cholesterol food intake on your body.

There are some foods that you can eat that will lower the cholesterol in your body. Tofu is made up of Soybean, Soy is a good source of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber will definitely lower the cholesterol level in your body. Soymilk, soy cheese and textured vegetable can also lower your cholesterol. Garlic is another food that can lower cholesterol levels. Vegetables like carrots, barley, flaxseed and sweet potatoes are also a good source of soluble fiber. If you do not want these types of foods you can just add up a soluble fiber powder in you drinks like for example coffee or tea. Garlic is added to all kinds of food preparation, actually to almost all kinds of cuisines. There is also a garlic supplement that is available in pharmacies and grocery stores. Apple juice can also help to lower your cholesterol level. You just have to drink apple juice everyday. Therefore, there are so many foods that can replace these cholesterol high foods.

Oatmeal is most well known as a low cholesterol food and it also helps to lower the cholesterol on your body. Oatmeal is also a good source of soluble fiber. If you want a food that lowers cholesterol, oatmeal is the best for you. Oatmeal is not only tasty it will also give you jumpstart in the morning. There are natural ways on how to reduce the cholesterol on your body. Just by adding some different foods to your diet it can help to eliminate and reduce the cholesterol level on your body but avoiding cholesterol high foods is the best.

Eating cholesterol high foods will lead to heart disease so it should not be taken for granted. A healthy lifestyle and a balance your diet can prevent you diseases like heart disease. Like most doctors would advise to their patients, prevention is far better than curing the disease.

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