How To Diet to Lower High Cholesterol

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How To Diet to Lower High Cholesterol
How To Diet to Lower High Cholesterol

Coming up with a diet to lower high cholesterol can be a chore, if you try to do it on your own. Fortunately, there is no need to struggle along by yourself. Here are some tips to help you find and implement a diet that will help with your cholesterol problem.

Your primary resource will be your doctor. Along with providing you with a list of foods that you should eat, there will often also be a list of foods to avoid. One of the first things you will do in changing your dietary habits is to rid your home of anything that your physician has told you must be avoided. This will mean you will only be tempted by those foods when out at a restaurant or having dinner at a friend's home. Removing temptation from your path is one of the first steps in developing and living by a reasonable diet to lower your high cholesterol. I can tell you this from very personal experience. I am unfortunately the type you might overhear in a restaurant, "I'll have the double cheeseburger and the side of fries and oh yes, hold the mayo. I'm worried that my cholesterol is creeping up." Sound familiarall

Second, don't limit yourself to simply preparing the same recipes over and over again. Make it a point to seek out resources that will allow you to enjoy cholesterol fighting foods in a variety of different dishes. You can get some great ideas from a dietitian, plus there are plenty of cookbooks on the market today that are geared toward cholesterol fighting. There are also some wonderful ideas for cooking cholesterol-lowering meals online. Use all these resources to find interesting ways to vary your meals, so you don't get tired of what you see on the plate at every meal. I would suggest that you check out the great cholesterol site listed below in the authors bio. There are some links on that site leading to other sites relating to heart and diet that will be helpful to you.

Third, think about the spices you use. Most people may use a half dozen spices during the usual course of preparing meals, when in fact there are hundreds to choose from. Many of these spices will also have cholesterol-fighting agents, so why not use them instead of going for the salt? You will not only please the palate with something new, but you will also boost the ability of the foods you eat to lower your high cholesterol. I seem to recall that cayenne pepper is a cholesterol lowering agent. Trying a little of that pepper on your food is a great flavor enhancer and will help to lower your cholesterol.

Eating healthy meals is something that all of us should strive to do more often. When there is a need to lower the amount of cholesterol in the system, the need to pay attention to diet is even more important. Keep in mind that the world has not come to an end if you have to cut our some of your favorite foods in order to make room for a diet rich in foods that will lower your cholesterol. See your diet to lower high cholesterol as a chance to experience a world of new tastes, and the task of changing your eating habits will be much easier.

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