Best Diets to Lower Cholesterol Levels

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Best Diets to Lower Cholesterol Levels
Best Diets to Lower Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol levels are associated with a myriad of health problems. Today, the biggest challenge facing individuals is finding healthy foods that contain little or no bad cholesterol. One of the many organs that gets affected by cholesterol within the body is the heart. The heart is a vital organ as it pumps blood and helps circulate nutrients to all cells.

Just how do we get this cholesterol into our bodiesall There are two different means in which the body accesses cholesterol. One is natural manufacturing by some of the body's organs which include the intestines and liver and the other is through diet.

Some poor lifestyle choices made by people are mostly the reasons why the society is suffering from high cholesterol level epidemic. Eating diets rich in LDL or bad cholesterol and living a life that has minimal physical activity highly attributes to this. Though not a choice, Genetics also plays a major role in determining cholesterol levels of an individual.

Just what are the best measures to lower blood cholesterol levels? One of the most important is diet change. Cutting back on delicacies and fast foods that are rich in sugars and fats such as cookies, chocolates and sausages is a major step. Animal fats contain a lot of cholesterol. They can be found in sources such as cheese, poultry, beef and eggs. Getting rid of poultry skin and removing the fat however, helps in eliminating most of the cholesterol.

It is important to note that some of these foodstuffs contain essential nutrients and so cutting back on them entirely is not a solution. Lean meat eaten in moderation is great for the body. Trimming off fats from meats helps in cutting back the amount of cholesterol.

There is also the issue of white meat. There are many people who cannot go a day without meat and so white meat comes in handy in these situations. Fish, chicken and turkey are some of the good sources we have of white meat. They are also the best diets to lower cholesterol levels. They contain essential oils required for the body's cell functioning and so replacing fatty meats with white meat is a great measure.

While shopping it is advisable to check on foodstuffs labels. Some of the canned foods have saturated fats and these are dangerous for your health. Focus on lowering your cholesterol by eating foods that have unsaturated fats such as nuts, vegetables and fruits.

Cholesterol levels can be lowered easily if one is to take into account ingredients in each meal. Very high cholesterol levels doctors recommend very strict diets consisting of low-saturated fat, low cholesterol foods and exercise. Surgery and medical treatment are left for the worst cases that cannot be helped by any other intervention.

Cutting back on fat rich foodstuffs is not the only means to cut cholesterol within the body. Combining low cholesterol food and exercise is the most recommended way of lowering cholesterol level. Exercise encourages blood circulation within the body and thereby expanding clogged up blood vessels. It also helps in cutting down fats as a source of energy and eventually weight loss.

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