Bad Cholesterol Foods List

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Bad Cholesterol Foods List
Bad Cholesterol Foods List

When it comes to your health and nutrition, most people will avoid the bad cholesterol foods list. This is because most people with high cholesterol will admit to eating a lot of these types of foods and, in order to become healthier, you will have to avoid foods on this list. Often times people already know that fruits, vegetables and lean proteins are great ways to lower cholesterol, but not too many people know what kinds are on the bad cholesterol foods list. Here is a short yet precise list of the foods that you should avoid when trying to lower your cholesterol.

Being able to know where cholesterol comes from is a great place to start to lower your cholesterol. After all, if you know something is bad for you, you will most likely avoid those foods so that you will be able to live longer and healthier. There are certain foods that raise your good cholesterol (HDL). The foods you should avoid cause your body to increase the bad cholesterol (LDL).

Natural Forms Of Cholesterol

Cholesterol will only come from animals and this is why fruits and vegetables do not have cholesterol. Some foods that are on the naturally bad cholesterol foods list are most of the dairy products that you consume everyday. Butter and cream are also natural sources of cholesterol and you should avoid these all together. As one of the most popular desserts in the world, ice cream is unfortunately on the list as well and can cause a person to have high cholesterol when eaten on a consistent basis. Though duck and goose are good protein sources, they will have more cholesterol compared to chicken or fish.

It's not just the cholesterol

Though eating foods high in cholesterol will obviously raise cholesterol levels, it is also a high consumption of fat that leads to people developing high cholesterol. The two types of fats that will raise your cholesterol levels are saturated and trans fats. Saturated fats are usually found in beef, veal and in most processed meats. Egg yolks also have a lot of cholesterol.

Trans fats are much worse and should be avoided all together. The foods that have trans fat are also known as junk food and this includes baked goods, cookies, chips and any food that is fried. Trans fats are the worst and will definitely cause health problems in the future.

Though many people know that junk food is bad, a lot of people do not understand the actual health risks. Having high cholesterol levels can clog your arteries and will lead to heart problems. Take your time with the change and continually make changes in your diet. Slowly but surely remove all the bad cholesterol foods from your diet and you will be able to see and feel all the changes. With just a little patience and motivation you will be able to avoid the bad cholesterol foods list and you will then focus on all the healthy foods.

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