Simple Methods to Control Levels of Cholesterol

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Simple Methods to Control Levels of Cholesterol
Simple Methods to Control Levels of Cholesterol
Controlling cholesterol levels is an essential as its high levels in the bloodstream increases the risk of development of coronary heart disease. If you too are suffering from higher levels of cholesterol in your blood, do the following to lower it.

Step one : Control Fat and Cholesterol intake in your diet
Controlling the amount of cholesterol and cholesterol that you consume is the first step towards lowering cholesterol levels in your blood stream. Instead of consuming butter and oils rich in saturated fatty acids opt for healthy, monosaturated oils such as olive oil and canola oil.

You should also try to refrain from food items that have a high cholesterol content such as eggs, margarine, butter, polyunsaturated oils and the like. Try to go in for a fibre rich diet by including whole cereals in your diet.

Step two : Make appropriate changes in your way of life 
Give up an unhealthy lifestyle and opt for healthier habits. For instance, if you are the ons who gorge on junk food and keep on around all day, you must give up this habit for good. Instead of junk food, go in for healthy foods like fruit and fruit. Also, you need to be physically more active and partake of some form of exercise. Play, run or simply go for cycling. Exercising increases your metabolism and lets you ward off calories quicker.

Step 3: Switch to cholesterol lowering medication if lifestyle changes do not help
If lifestyle changes do not help you lower cholesterol or the level of LDL or triglycerides in your blood stream is too high, you need to look for cholesterol lowering medications. Cholesterol lowering medications can be divided into various categories depending upon which component of cholesterol you want to work on - Cholesterol, LDL cholesterol or Triglycerides.

In order to lower LDL cholesterol medicines like Statins and Vitamin B ( niacin ) can be consumed. A note of caution though! Don't over-consume Vitamin B. It may lead to some major side-effects. Follow the doctor's instructions on its consumption pattern. Similarly, take care while taking other cholesterol-lowering medications. They too might have some side-effects.

Step 4: Raise the Intake of HDL Cholesterol
This type of cholesterol helps reduce harmful cholesterol in the body. It is a necessary component for the body and is also known as good cholesterol. The correct level of this cholesterol in the body is 60 mg/dL (1.55 mmol/L). If it falls below this level, the condition is unsafe.

If your HDL Cholesterol level has fallen below the above stated level below it is regarded perilous for the help of foods such as monosaturated oils (olive oil), foods rich in Vitamin B, and by limited consumption of alcohol. However, do not over-indulge in consuming Vitamin B. This can cause serious side-effects.

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