How to Lower and Control Cholesterol

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How to Lower and Control Cholesterol
How to Lower and Control Cholesterol

Cholesterol, the Artery Blocking Culprit

What can you do if you have high cholesterolall You can do several things, watch what you eat, exercise and take a cholesterol lowering natural supplements.

Certain foods definitely help lower cholesterol levels. Maybe we should talk about the three things to stay away from first.

Chlorinated water is very damaging to your arteries. Drinking water with chlorine in it along with bathing and swimming in chlorinated water causes damage to your arteries. When your arteries sustain damage cholesterol collects and the blockage is started. You need to remember that it takes years for this blockage to get to the place where it causes the symptoms we are trained to recognize. During those years we can do several things to prevent cardiovascular disease. More about that later.

Another food substance we need to stay away from is hydrogenated oils and Trans fat. Margarine, which is usually 100% hydrogenated oil scars your arteries and causes cholesterol to begin sticking to your artery walls. We are just learning what Trans fat will do to us.

The third thing that we are so used to consuming that the danger is not recognized because surely the FDA would not allow such a dangerous food practice to continue, but that is exactly the case. What I am talking about is homogenized milk products. In the homogenization process the fat molecules are reduced to such a small size that our bodies are not able to process the fat thus causing plac build up in your arteries.

While staying away from these foods we do need to increase our fiber intake as this acts as a sponge and absorbs excess cholesterol and is eliminated. We need at least 25-30 grams of fiber in our diet daily; most Americans get 12 grams or less with our high fat modern diet.

Another food to eat to help control high cholesterol is cold water ocean fish. They are high in omega-3 oils. These essential fish oils reduce triglycerides, thereby helping with cholesterol. If you are not consuming enough fish, a supplement of fish oil is a very good way to get these oils. Available are capsules that do not dissolve until they reach the small intestine thus avoiding that fishy burp.

When you supplement your diet with plant based phytosterols and enough fiber and omega fish oils you should be able to control your cholesterol level. Phytosterols mimic and have the same chemical make up as cholesterol and replace cholesterol in the digestive tract thus preventing it from entering the bloodstream.

Which fiber should you be using? I would suggest one that includes psyllium husk.

The FDA has acknowledged psyllium's role in supporting heart health by allowing the following health claim:

Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 7 grams of soluble fiber per day from psyllium husk may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Psyllium husk, which can reduce both total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. The soluble fiber in psyllium reduces absorption of blood cholesterol and bile acids from the intestine, and that in turn lowers blood cholesterol levels. As psyllium moves through the digestive tract it acts as a sponge. As it absorbs water it restores regularity by adding bulk as well as helping to sweep the intestines of fats and toxins.

In summary: Avoid foods that cause artery damage. Make sure you get plenty of fiber and foods that lower cholesterol. Use a supplement that adds plant phytosterols and omega-3 to your diet.

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