List Of Low Cholesterol Foods

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List Of Low Cholesterol Foods
List Of Low Cholesterol Foods
People who are over 25 years of age should pay more attention to their cholesterol levels. This is because as the body ages, its ability to fight off bad cholesterol decreases. Experts say that in order to avoid having too much bad cholesterol in the body, people should always have a ready list of low cholesterol foods and create a balance diet menu out of it.

The following is a list of low cholesterol foods that can be mix and match to create a low cholesterol diet:

1. LEAN MEATS. Lean red meats or lean chicken/turkey meats and fish should always be included in the list of low cholesterol menu because these are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that are excellent for a person's metabolism as well as in fighting off bad cholesterol.

2. VEGETABLES. This food group is considered as the healthiest among other groups in the food pyramid primarily because they are low in calorie-content. Aside from that, these are also high in dietary fiber and dietary nutrients that aids not only regulated metabolism but also balances cholesterol levels. Vegetables are also perfect low cholesterol foods because these are excellent sources of minerals and vitamins such as vitamins C, E and K, vitamin B-complex, and other micronutrients that reduce vitamin deficiency. Aside from lowering high cholesterol levels, other benefits of eating vegetables also include the reduction of heart diseases and cancer as well as high blood pressure.

3. GRAINS. Because these are in high-energy content and dietary fiber content, grains are effective foods to lower cholesterol level. Whole grains are also known as effective in controlling weight. Aside from whole grains, breads, beans, potatoes, pasta, and cereals can also help lower cholesterol levels.

4. NUTS AND SEEDS. Since these contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals, nuts and seeds are included among the list of low cholesterol foods. These foods also are also high in dietary fiber that is excellent for great metabolism and low in calorie-content that is effective for weight management.

5. FRUITS. Just like vegetables, fruits are also among the top food groups that lower cholesterol because they are very low in calorie content. These also contain large amounts of significant vitamins and nutrients that help prevent of vitamin deficiency as well as other illnesses.
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LDL Cholesterol - What is Low Density Lipoprotein?

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LDL Cholesterol - What is Low Density Lipoprotein
LDL Cholesterol - What is Low Density Lipoprotein  ?
LDL cholesterol stands for low-density lipoprotein, which is a form of lipoprotein that moves triglycerides and cholesterol to peripheral tissues, from the liver. It is at times given the nickname of "bad cholesterol." High levels of LDL may direct the view of a patient's medical condition to an underlying disease, in some cases cardiovascular issues.

Along with this form, there are four others to make a total of five kinds of lipoproteins: chylomicrons, high-density lipoprotein (HDL), intermediate-density lipoprotein (IDL), and very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL). All lipoproteins, including low-density lipoprotein, can be used to move fat and cholesterol through the bloodstream by its water-based solution.

As cholesterol is considered a "silent killer," some people with high LDL may have no apparent symptoms, despite the elevated levels. Xanthelasma, in which cholesterol collects below the skin, may be noticed in some individuals with this condition. They are similar to yellow in color, and often show up near the eyelids. Even with these, however, elevated LDL cholesterol may not be the underlying medical cause, as other issues could also have brought on the xanthelasma in the patient.

Different cases and patients may call for different treatment methods. A change to a specific diet is one possibility, however, even that diet itself may vary in one situation as compared to another one. Physical activity is sometimes recommended. Although it actually has little effect on the levels of LDL cholesterol in the individual, it is still useful for means such as attaining better insulin sensitivity, reducing triglycerides, and reaching other heart benefits.
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