Effects, Causes and Risk Factors if Eat Foods High In Cholesterol

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Effects, Causes and Risk Factors if Eat Foods High In Cholesterol
Effects, Causes and Risk Factors if Eat Foods High In Cholesterol

What are the Foods high in cholesterolall Examples of these are the food that contains low density lipoprotein such as: Meat products like beef, lamb, chicken, egg yolks - Oily food like coconut, palm and palm kernel oils. Dairy products like butter and cheese - Processed /prepared foods like cookies, pastries, hot dogs, sausage

What is Cholesterol? This is a fatty substance found in animal tissue and one of the important components of the human body. It is manufactured by the liver and carried throughout the body in the bloodstream. It is essential for life and integral to the body's process of using our diet, which is vital for the manufacturing of cells, bile salts hormones and vitamin D in our body. Problems can occur when too much fats forms an accumulation of plaque in the blood vessel walls, which impedes blood flow to the heart and other organs.

High levels of cholesterol can cause significant damage to the coronary system. Lowering techniques can control the raise of fats; one of this is avoiding the foods high in cholesterol. All of the people must be aware of the amount of fats in their body and seek treatment for high result when necessary.

What are the possible effects of fats in the body? High level of this is a major risk factor in developing diseases like coronary heart disease. It leads to deposits of fats in the arteries. If this deposits harden into plaque it is called atherosclerosis, and the result is hypoxia or not enough oxygen supply in the body especially in the heart. When this blockage occur angina may happen. Damage to cardiac tissues is irreversible and can lead to fetal heart attack. Not eating foods that contains saturated fats is the number one preventive measure that we can do to avoid having this kind of disease.

Different tactics on lowering the amount of fats in the body will work for different patients. Diets for high cholesterol are very effective in many people, avoiding a food which contains lot of saturated fats. Aside from avoiding or preventing these foods, another effective way is physical activity, it lowers a little but it will really help. Because of the dangers that we can get in having high level of fats in the body, individuals who are at risk must have their levels tested to ensure their fats level is under control. Doctors can diagnose or measure the fats in our body by performing simple blood test. The measurement for this is in milligrams per deciliter of blood.

For an individual who has high level of fats in the body, he or she must lower it to an acceptable level in order to ensure that he will stay healthy. Eating foods high in cholesterol can lead to heart attacks and death when left untreated.

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