Diet For High Cholesterol - The Secret Ingredients to Lower High Cholesterol

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Diet For High Cholesterol - The Secret Ingredients to Lower High Cholesterol
Diet For High Cholesterol - The Secret Ingredients to Lower High Cholesterol

Your high cholesterol can lead to a life full of surgery and reduce your quality of health. Luckily you have the foresight to realize you need to make some changes before it's too late. Reaching the point where your cholesterol is considered high is already a danger because it can be difficult to bring the numbers back down. It is up to you and your doctor to choose a path and reduce your cholesterol.

Many medical professionals will tell you that changing diet can be extremely helpful. Adding necessary foods and cutting out high cholesterol foods like butter, eggs, beef, pork, and other fatty foods is the obvious first step. These foods are delicious, I know, but this is a necessary sacrifice if you want to prevent heart disease.

An even easier step is introducing large quantities of healthy foods into your current diet. Moderation is key here. Finding the balance between fatty foods and healthy foods can actually keep you at a healthy equilibrium. Healthy foods like vegetables and fruits are full of vitamins and minerals that act as natural balancing agents. This means that you eat something high in cholesterol, but by including these vegetables you are able to retain healthy levels of cholesterol.

How is this possible you ask :

Plants provide the special substances that help our bodies deal with high levels of cholesteorl as well as other complications. If you lack different aspects of a balanced diet, you have a clear reason for having high cholesterol. For you, the task of reducing the high level is by simply adding critical foods to your diet.


Studies have shown that garlic is actually a great food to help reduce bad cholesterol (or ldl) and reduce total cholesterol. In addition, medical studies have proven garlic effective at keeping blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots. The problem is garlic has a potent taste and odor that most people can't handle. If you're really hardcore about your diet for high cholesterol, I would recommend you boil a bulb, drink the water you used and then eat the entire thing. This is a remedy used by many ancient Chinese monks.

Dark Purple Fruits

Fruits like purple or black grapes, pomegranates, and black berries all contain antioxidants and have the amazing ability to reduce cholesterol. Some say drinking a glass of wine is a good idea, but the alcohol has shown to increase cholesterol in large doses. You can even blend these berries into a smoothie for a delicious alternative to soda or other high sugar beverages. If you truly want to start a diet for high cholesterol, start by making some dark berry smoothies.

Psyllium Husk

This odd named substance comes from crushed seeds a special plant grown in Asia, the Mediterranean, and Africa. The husk contains large quantities of fiber proven to reduce blood cholesterol levels and reduce ldl cholesterol.

These 3 ingredients are a necessary part of any high cholesterol diet, but there is a lot more. Basically, to be safe, you should be ingesting every possible vegetable and fruit in your local supermarket at least every month. By eating a huge variety, you guarantee your chances of eating the proper balance of vitamins and minerals that regulate the production  of cholesterol in the liver and reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

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