Lower Cholesterol - Are Eggs Good Or Bad?

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Lower Cholesterol - Are Eggs Good Or Bad?
Lower Cholesterol - Are Eggs Good Or Bad?
High cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease. Promoting a lower levels often means limiting your intake of dietary cholesterol. Eggs are one main source of dietary cholesterol. So, if you have high levels does this mean you can know longer have eggs all

To lower levels it is frequently recommended to limit egg intake, specifically the egg yolk. Egg yolks are a concentrated source of cholesterol, while egg whites contain primarily protein. However, while dietary cholesterol can impact overall levels within the body, saturated fat actually has a greater impact on LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol levels.

A 1999 study found little impact of consuming one egg daily on blood cholesterol levels. It is currently recommended for individuals with normal levels to limit dietary intake to 300 mg or less daily. One egg contains 210 mg within the egg yolk. If you have high LDL the current recommendations are to limit dietary cholesterol to 200 mg or less per day.

If you enjoy eggs there are alternatives, such as replacing the egg yolks with more egg whites or using products, such as Egg Beaters, which provide an excellent source of protein minus the cholesterol.

So, the bottom line is eggs are a very nutritious source of many nutrients, such as protein, vitamin A, and essential fatty acids. However, if you have high cholesterol you may need to limit your intake of eggs. Know the breakdown of your cholesterol profile. If your LDL cholesterol is elevated you will have to be more restrictive with eggs according to current recommendations.

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