Information on Healthy Eating - Eggs, Cholesterol and Diet

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Information on Healthy Eating - Eggs, Cholesterol and Diet
Information on Healthy Eating - Eggs, Cholesterol and Diet
There has been a long standing debate about the effects of eating eggs and recipes containing eggs on blood cholesterol levels. Information on healthy eating has shown that eggs are an excellent source of nutrients and protein, and can be eating regularly as part of a nutritious healthy diet. If you already have high blood cholesterol levels, information on healthy eating recommends that you eat more egg whites only rather than the whole egg.

Information on healthy eating shows that whole eggs have about.36 g of Cholesterol. The egg white alone has.24g and the yolk alone has.61g. So you can see that on the whole, egg consumption is not nearly as harmful as it was once thought to be.

Other Nutrients

The egg is considered to be one of Nature's "perfect foods". Eggs contain 6.3g of Protein, and at least a trace of everything from B vitamins, riboflavin, thiamin, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and Vitamins A, D and E. The egg contains 10% of your daily recommended requirement of Vitamin D and Riboflavin and is an important source of choline.

The egg also contains 4.4 g of fat. This is broken down into Saturated fat (1.6g), polyunsaturated fat (1g), and monounsaturated fat (1.8g). So if you are eating a low fat diet, information on healthy eating recommends you limit your consumption of eggs.

Eggs and Weight Loss

You can use eggs or egg whites in a variety of dishes or eat them plain. They make a wonderful breakfast or anytime food. If you are looking at information on healthy eating to lose weight, you will find a recent study showed that people who ate eggs for breakfast daily lost more weight than people who ate a bagel for breakfast.

So if we study information on healthy eating and the part eggs can play in your healthy diet, we find a lot of evidence in favor of eating eggs. We do recommend trying the many different ways to prepare them to step away from the traditional breakfast recipes. The reason for this is the traditional food pairings do not lend themselves to a healthy diet or optimum weight. Steer clear of eggs and bacon, ham, sausages or other so-called breakfast meats. Opt instead to eat your eggs with whole grain toast, poached w/ fish, scrambled with fresh vegetables or in a light quiche with low fat cheese and nonfat milk. 

The combinations of breakfast meats with eggs led to the demonization of the egg as a breakfast food for many years. Now it has been given the green light as a nutritious whole food that can enhance your diet and your good health.

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