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Lower Your Cholesterol With Supplements
Lower Your Cholesterol With Supplements

There are many supplements out there that claim being able to lower cholesterol, but few have proved to be effective. Here is a review of three that I have used and found only one to be effective. The one I found to be effective is also backed by some scientific data.

We need to keep in mind that the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate supplements. So claims by the company that make the supplements claiming to help lower cholesterol, are just claims, look for the proof. Some popular supplements used to lower cholesterol are niacin, red yeast and Omega-3.

The only one that is documented to really work is Omega-3, here is why.


This is available as a prescribed drug or you can even get it as a supplement. As a prescribed drug it does lower cholesterol levels in your body. It works by lowering blood fat levels and LDL (low-density lipoprotein), which is the bad cholesterol. It also raises HDL (high-density lipoprotein), which helps remove LDL from the body and is considered the good cholesterol.

Niacin has some uncomfortable results. These include such results as stomach ulcers,  blood glucose and insulin levels. Because of this and the unknown amount of niacin in supplements, it is recommended that you not take supplements, but only what is prescribed to you by your doctor.

Red Yeast Rice

This has been used for centuries by people in Asia to treat their digestive problems. Red yeast rice is actually produced by fermenting it with Monascus purpureus mold. This is sold as a supplement in the United States as a cholesterol-lowering supplement because it contains the same type of ingredients that prevent cholesterol in the same way that statins do.

One element in red yeast rice, monacolin K, is also found in cholesterol lowering drugs. This element is found in varying amounts in the supplement red yeast rice. Because of this, these supplements should be used with caution. In fact the FDA has issued warnings about these types of supplements because they can cause side effects such as muscle problems. This can eventually lead to kidney failure.

If you take red yeast rice as a supplement to lower cholesterol, it should only be done under the supervision of a doctor.


This supplement has been proven to lower your cholesterol. Not only does it lower your cholesterol but it also helps with your heart, blood pressure and your brain. The US government highly recommends that you eat 8.5 ounces of fish a week. To supplement for that, I take three fish oil gels a day


Of the three supplements identified here to lower cholesterol, the only one that is safe and proven is Omega-3.

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